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Buy plots Chia 7.00 USD/ 1 PLOT (minimum order 100 plots)

Started by admin, Jun 02, 2021, 06:56 am

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Want to farm on the Chia network but don't feel like getting specific hardware just for plotting? Tell us how many plots you want and we will get you a download link within 24 hours. No technical skills necessary!

7.00 USD/ 1 PLOT  (minimum order 100 plots)

Plotting starts in
about 16 hours
32 (108.9GB)
Download retention
1 month
Download limit up to 1Gb inertet traffik
3 times
Free support
Europe & USA
How to find public keys

1. Find the folder containing the core of the program. Typically, this is C: \ Users \ {UserName} \ AppData \ Local \ chia-blockchain \ app-1.1.6 \ resources \ app.asar.unpacked \ daemon

Replace {UserName} with your name.

2. Open the system parameters. In the search bar in the parameters window, enter "Changing system environment variables".

4. Run the command line, enter chia keys show in it. Highlight the values of the Farmer public key, Pool public key, copy them by clicking the right mouse button and submit.

telegram - @usadenis

[email protected]

USDT - TSAoz3eKxjq3FP1cHJUZxqHnXJ5uZSyDmf

BTC - 1672NVgSMNifzHzuoYZofWdKVumTpvjXSP

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